Direct eye contact in a video conference – an absolute world first!

The Mönchengladbach-based company metaglobe achieves what large tech companies have not yet been able to do: Creating proximity and presence in video conferences! With the metaglobe Live Unit presented at ISE2024, remote participants are presented as if they were sitting together at a table. In original size, correct perspectives and eye contact between all participants. And without avatars, without VR glasses, but with several high-resolution video streams that are combined into a spherical 4K projection. A separate video image for each user, matching their own viewing position.

How it works:

Metaglobe Live Unit – An immersive video conferencing system

The software-controlled arrangement of sound and image with a multi-camera setup creates the impression that you are sitting at a table with the other participants. There is always direct eye contact with the person I am looking at. During the discussion, I automatically look at the person speaking because the sound for me also comes from this position. The arrangement for each participant is such that I can also see, for example, how two participants are talking and looking at each other on my screen. This is made possible by the fact that everyone who looks at another participant is filmed exactly by the camera that is assigned to the video projection of this person. I can therefore see exactly how and in what way they communicate and interact with each other…

Grafik metaglobe Live Unit innen

Video Experience communication in a new way

Video means “I see”. The decisive factor for natural video communication is WHAT I see and HOW I see. Who speaks to whom? Who is looking at whom? When can I speak? With the metaglobe system, you experience conversation at eye level with mutual eye contact. Intuitive conversation is supported and thus speaking together instead of speaking one after the other, which is what conventional video conferencing systems tend to encourage. The larger fade-in of the speaker in familiar systems further supports this phenomenon. With metaglobe, the entire scene is displayed. Conversations can unfold naturally. Especially when making important decisions, you want to know what the other participants have to say. Or see how others react to what has been said.

At the center of the action

At metaglobe, we consistently follow the approach of putting people at the center of the action. We take this literally because with a metaglobe system, you are in fact at the center of the action.

Always in focus

The screen surface of the metaglobe system is as round as our eyes. The radial design means that every point on the surface is the same distance from the viewer’s eye. You never have to refocus – which is very pleasant for the eyes. And a real plus for large displays.

Well lit

We put you in the right light. Every metaglobe system is equipped with ambient lighting for optimum image quality of your video image. And from several positions. Supplemented by intelligent lighting measurement, the ideal artificial lighting is automatically provided in addition to the existing ambient light. Completely glare-free, of course.

Grafik metaglobe Live Unit außen Ambiente

A sound experience

Every metaglobe system is equipped with a high-quality sound system. The stereo sound is in no way inferior to the panoramic images. You can hear exactly how the voice reproduction corresponds to the image reproduction. Even from people who may not be looking at you. Just like a real conversation.

The 3D effect

The picture is reproduced in cinema-quality 2D. And yet the participants in the conversation appear as spatial representations. The amazing immersive 3D effect is created in our head and our brain is a supercomputer. Our eyes cannot tell whether a spherically curved image surface is concave or convex. The decision is made by our brain. When familiar objects – such as people – are displayed, we intuitively opt for the convex representation. An optical illusion that works perfectly. Fatigue-free, even with prolonged viewing.


An immersive experience describes the immersion of a person in an artificially created environment, as if the person were real in this virtual world. The metaglobe principle creates an immersive experience of a conversation situation, as if you were at the same table in the same room as the other people you are talking to.

Grafik metaglobe Live Unit innen View

Everything in view

The image on the spherical display corresponds to almost our entire field of vision. You have the entire scene in view. For example, if you have a remote meeting with three other people, they are displayed next to each other in their original size. From approximately head to hip so that gestures with arms and hands are visible. Additional image content can be displayed in front of or behind the people. The background of the image can also be designed virtually.

A separate picture for everyone

Each participant receives their own image that corresponds to their perspective. After all, not everyone sees the same thing in a real conversation! To achieve this, several video images of each participant are generated and combined in real time to create an overall picture. The big advantage: you don’t have to decide which camera to look into. Look wherever you want – just like in a normal conversation.

Perfect sound recordings

High-quality microphones with intelligent software record your voice perfectly. Noise is eliminated and the acoustic result is optimized. Various modes are available for this purpose. The metaglobe room-in-room solution is acoustically optimized. Sound protection from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. The interior acoustics are dampened but not “anechoic”, just right for longer conversations.

A retreat to get ahead

A metaglobe system can be designed as the perfect retreat in an open office environment. Telephone and meeting pods have been established worldwide in recent months. With metaglobe, room-in-room solutions become remote meeting rooms for individuals. Ideal for companies or organizations with multiple locations. They also have an exceptional workplace for multimedia applications. You can also use each unit for contemplation and relaxation or intensive recording of audio and video content.

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